To help you better understand the installation and maintenance of your new Tropics North indoor waterfall, we've compiled a selection of information to show you the processes involved.

We offer a line of out of the box floor and wall hanging models that are designed for ease of installation.
Our floor models will be shipped to you in one carton fully assembled. It will simply be a matter of placing the unit in the desired location, filling the base pool with sufficient water to cover the submerged light and pump and plugging it in to a 100 volt outlet.
Some of our smaller floor models have separate parts that will require installation but a complete, easy to follow, instruction manual will accompany those shipments.

Our wall hanging models will also be shipped in one carton. These models will have either one or two mounting brackets that must be affixed to wall studs. The frame of the units are then just hung on the brackets.  To avoid having power cords hanging below the water feature it is best to install an outlet behind the feature into which the cord can be plugged. For convenience sake it is best to have a remote switch connected to the power line.

Please be sure to keep the submerged light and pump covered with water at all times. This will require frequent replacement of the water that is lost through evaporation. The rate of evaporation will depend on the environment into which the unit is placed.

If there are any questions regarding installation please contact our customer service line at 1-888-255-5570 or locally at 905-569-2261.