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All TropicsNorth Studios water features are designed with the best quality in mind for your home or office. Choose from our line-up of wall-mounted or free-standing products, or customize your own to suit your mood and style. We ship all products with a reliable, well-established company Do you have questions about indoor or outdoor water features? View our brochures and find answers to your questions. We make installing an indoor water feature easy. Maintenance tips and other how-to questions are also answered. What are negative ions? How are they good for my health? What other benefits do indoor water features provide? Indoor waterfalls provide many health benefits and lower heating bills by boosting ambient humidity. Read more. TropicsNorth Studios is a division of TropicsNorth, a premier water feature design company. Since 1991, TropicsNorth has brought style and elegance to homes and offices across North America with a line of innovative water features.  
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Ask Expert Advice about Indoor Waterfall and Home Water Feature Water fountains require very little maintenance
Do you have questions about indoor or outdoor water features? View our waterfall brochures and find answers to your questions about indoor waterfall and water fountains. We make installing an indoor water feature easy. Maintenance tips and other tlc waterfalls questions are also answered.

Once set up, fountains simply need to be wiped clean periodically, and the water level maintained to prevent damage to the pump.

Here are some tips for keeping your fountain running properly and looking beautiful for years of enjoyment.

Copper Waterfall Care
Acrylic Waterfall Care
Stainless Steel Waterfall Care
Glass/Mirror Indoor Waterfall Care
Pump Maintenance
Maintaining the Correct Water Capacity
Copper Waterfall

Some of our copper-based waterfalls are available with a protective clear coating. This ‘powder’ coating is a heat-seared enamel finish that is applied to the surface of the copper to prevent it from turning green with the onset of oxidization.

To maintain the beauty of clear-coated copper:
Clear-coated copper must be polished every few months with wax in order to maintain a beautiful finish. You may perform daily maintenance using furniture polish. When cleaning, apply the product directly to a soft cloth to avoid contaminating the water.

Special copper cleaners should not be used, as they will damage the finish and remove the beautiful patina. Use only the recommended products to ensure a pristine, properly-functioning water feature.

Drain your copper water feature before cleaning. Some municipal areas have hard tap water, which may leave white mineral deposits on the waterfall. To remove these, use a specialty cleaner such as CLR. Take care to rinse away all cleaning residue before refilling your clear-coated copper waterfall.

Even with maintenance, all copper water features will oxidize over time. Powder-coated fountains will develop a rosy hue in some areas, which will not affect functionality. Proper maintenance will both delay and minimize the effects of oxidization.

Natural Copper-Finish Fountains
Natural copper-finish water features should not be cleaned with either CLR or wax, as it will remove the hand-applied patina. These water features should be wiped daily with a soft cloth and optional furniture polish.

Acrylic Waterfall

It is important to use the proper cleaning solution to keep your acrylic fountain-based waterfall looking beautiful. These are available in many hardware or plastic supply stores.

Like other materials, acrylic may show signs of scratching. Unlike other materials, however, these scratches can be repaired. Acrylic polish will fill in smaller scratches, while restoration kits can fill in deeper marks.

Acrylic should not be cleaned with ammonia-based window cleaners, scouring cloths or cleaners, benzene or lacquer thinner, or strong solvents such as alcohol and acetone. Do not place acrylic water features near extreme heat or open flame, as parts may melt or burn.

Stainless Steel Waterfall

Stainless Steel requires very little maintenance. The smooth, non-porous surface makes it difficult for dirt and bacteria to adhere. Stainless steel also resists corrosion, remaining beautiful for years.

Stainless steel is more succeptible to scratching than other materials. Stainless steel water features should only be wiped with a clean, soft cloth, sponge, or microfibre cloth.

If scale develops from minerals, a water treatment will remove it without damaging the waterfall.

Glass Waterfall

Interior water features made of glass or mirrors are very easy to clean. A solution of white vinegar mixed with water may be applied with a soft cloth to remove any dirt or streaks. Alternatively, you can purchase a product called "Jazz Window Prep" at most art supplies stores, which will keep glass surfaces sparkling.

Waterfall Pump

My waterfall's pump has become noisy. How can I fix this?
If the water level becomes low, the waterfall's pump may start to suck in air, creating noisy air bubbles. Check to make sure the water level in the basin is adequate, and that the pump is fully submerged. It may take a day or two for all bubbles to clear out of the waterline. If the problem persists, disassemble and clean the pump. Debris may have entered the water and been sucked up by the pump. If neither of these solutions work, the pump may be vibrating against the basin. Placing a sponge between the pump and the basin will cancel the noise.

My pump stopped working. What's wrong?
In order to function properly, pumps must remain submerged at all times. Low water levels, or frequently turning the pump off and on may cause the pump to suck up air bubbles, which can overheat the motor and cause it to burn out. Poor maintenance may also shorten the pump's lifespan. The pump may also seize if debris gets caught inside. We recommend allowing the waterfall to run constantly, minimizing the wear and tear on the pump.

To prevent debris from entering the pump, you may choose to encase in it pantyhose or other similar material that will still allow water to flow freely. This will not affect pump performance or void your warranty.

To restart the pump, try turning the water feature off and on. A gentle tap may also start the motor again. If neither solution works, please contact us for repairs or a replacement.

Indoor Waterfall Water Capacity

In order for water features to function at optimal levels, water levels must be kept constant and to the proper capacity. Quantities of water will be lost daily due to evaporation. The rate of water loss depends on the water flow rate, and the humidity of the ambient air. We recommend topping up the water level daily to prevent damage to the pump. Please floow the directions included in your product's instructions.

How often should I change the water?
You should do a complete water change every four to six months. Please visit this page for tips: Changing Your Fountain Water.

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Indoor Water Fountains Waterfalls for home and business. Interior water features products offering water walls, waterfalls, Ready to install water features and Interior rain curtains.
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